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The mission of the Community Health Improvement Coalition shall be to act upon the overall health needs of the community by promoting the prevention of injury, disability, illness, and premature death.


  1. To establish a forum whereby agencies, individuals, and businesses may distribute and gather information pertaining to community needs.
  2. Establish priorities for all identified health issues.
  3. Identify organizations that may contribute efforts with respect to each identified health issue.
  4. Promote and support the importance of reducing health problems by the development of multimedia communications with the city, county, state, and federal agencies, the medical district, local businesses, and individuals.

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The following link is a slide presentation given at the January 2015 Interagency Communication Group meeting outlining the CHIC events for 2015.
The 2015 CHIC presentation

The following link is a PDF file of the presentation given at the January 2016 Interagency Communication Group meeting outlining what CHIC does for health of the people of Del Rio.
The 2016 CHIC presentation

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CHIC Monthly Meetings

Third Thursday of each month
From Noon to 1:00 pm
The location will be posted before
the meeting.

Membership open to the general public

Members attending the July 2016 CHIC meeting:

July Meeting      July Meeting      July Meeting
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